We offer a comprehensive range of Soundproof Acoustic Enclosures that finds applications in various machines to control noise. The outer walls of the components are made using mild steel sheets and rockwool is covered with perforated metal. We use foams and composites to manufacture the inner lining of the Acoustical enclosure for blower. Further, we can also manufacture these Sound Control Enclosures using variegated outer material, specified by the clients to ensure resistance against extreme weather conditions.


Acoustic Enclosure DG Set are designed to fulfill site requirement i.e.  easy open able from any side for maintenance purpose, proper air circulation in covered area, Vision panel & lighting inside the enclosure. The enclosure was designed with proper air circulation in the covered area with necessary air inlet & exhaust fans covered with acoustically treated hood to control noise. 


  • Proper air circulation
  • Vision Panel
  • Lighting inside enclosure
  • Hood provided to control noise
  • Air inlet and exhaust fans included